About Onet World

Onet World is a unique Mahjong style game unblocked. It’s free for all to play the new adventure on your PC or mobile devices! Choose the platform you want and you can embark on the exploration with cute creatures. Similar to the original, you need to remove everything on the playing board as soon as possible to become the winner.

After getting gifts at the start of Onet World online, you are able to begin to search for identical tiles. They contain the same faces of animals. Aside from clicking on those blocks to discard, you will have the chance to unlock more levels. They should be available or you cannot finish the stage. Remember that the time will be reduced once you accept to enter the room! Therefore, try to observe, think and act quickly! The difficulty will be increased when you progress. It is a good place to test multiple skills! Have fun!

How To Play Onet World

Use Left Mouse to match identical tiles and remove them

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