About Mahjongg Toy Chest Game

Mahjongg Toy Chest unblocked is one of the most engaging Mahjong games online bringing you a lot of fun and a brand new twist to conquer. In this Mahjongg Toy Chest 3D game, you must find and match two mahjong tiles of the same types without being covered by other tiles around. The images on mahjong are very diverse. They are cute toys or familiar items commonly found in the room. You should try your hardest to combine them all and wipe them out of the classic board before time runs out. Watch out for the number of moves in each level too. You need to use the least moves possible to complete the level. In case you get stuck, you can click the hint button to find the mahjong tiles faster. But don’t misuse the hint button, or you cannot earn a high score. Try your hardest to collect all the penguin cups too. Are you up for more mahjong challenges? Play Mahjongg Toy Chest free online!

How To Play

Combine the mahjong tiles using the mouse only.

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