About Mahjongg Solitaire Game

If you want to know why the world loves Mahjongg games online so much, you should try Mahjongg Solitaire unblocked right now. The game is designed for not only the fans of card games single player but also for those who love mahjong tiles. You will experience a perfect combination of mahjong and solitaire. In this title, your mission is to find and match the two tiles of the same time that are free and not covered by other tiles then clear them out of the board in the least amount of time possible. If their sides are covered, you cannot match them yet, and you have to find another pair of tiles to combine. The Hint button is always available in each level. It will be used when you get stuck. You will know which pair you should take! The faster you complete a puzzle, the higher the score you will earn. Feel free to play Mahjongg Solitaire online now and see how many scores you have!

How To Play

Click your mouse to combine the mahjong tiles and clear them out of the classic board in the game.

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