About Mahjong Wizard

Enrich your Mahjong experience with a new game called Mahjong Wizard! If you already play some Mahjong games before, then you will love this one. There are lots of stages with different challenges you need to surpass to become the winner in this Mahjong title. The game is built in HTML5 by using the Phaser framework. You can play it in any browser you like, including both on desktop and mobile.

Unlike other common Mahjong games online, Mahjong Wizard unblocked is a game with a wizard theme. You have a board to clear but you cannot do that without the help of wizard. 4 available skills are given to you so try to use them smartly to get through the game easily. Those skills are pieces rearrange, instant piece match, matching pieces highlight, and extra time. So, the gameplay is that you must match 2 Mahjong pieces on the outer side of the board. These two pieces should have free spaces, meaning they are not obstructed by other pieces around. You should find the two pieces that have good positions then quickly match them to eliminate them from the board. After you have completed a match successfully, you will have extra time to play. Try to finish your level before running out of time. How fast can you solve all Mahjong puzzles in Mahjong Wizard game online? Play it now!

How To Play Mahjong Wizard

Select and match two pieces of the same type to eliminate them from the board using the left mouse button.

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