About Mahjong Remix Game

Are you ready to play Mahjong Remix free full screen? For all the fans of Mahjong games, you should enjoy this game title online right now for sharpening your puzzle-solving skill as well as earning more fun for yourself. Plus, tis free Mahjong Remix game was made for the skilled players who are in search of a twist and into conquering a new challenge. In other classic Mahjong games, you must also combine two tiles that have the same designs and make sure they are not covered by the other tiles around them. But in this one, you are able to only combine tiles connected by three lines or fewer than three, which is the biggest twist that you may like. Try not to combine more than three lines, or else you cannot finish the level. While playing, you should pay close attention to the timer too. You need to complete it before time runs out then proceed to the next ones with tougher challenges. Hopefully, you will enjoy it. Join it now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to combine three or fewer tiles in the game.

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