About Mahjong Dynasty

Mahjong Dynasty is one of the board games free for Android users to play. It is an online 1 player adventure set in the traditional Asian theme. Different from the original, you will be able to explore and experience many different power-ups. They are great items that help you match tiles on the playfield faster. So, you can conquer the stage and level up sooner. You’d better work smartly and remove all of the blocks from top to bottom quickly. It is also the main aim that you are required to do in Mahjong Dynasty unblocked. To clear something, you need to match the pairs together with the same icon. They must be available or you cannot discard them. Are you ready to take part in the first round and finish the challenge in the shortest time? Do not forget to follow the rules and every tutorial! Additionally, remember to share your story with your buddies! Good luck!

How To Play Mahjong Dynasty

Use the mouse button to choose, match, and remove same tiles

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