About Hexjong Cats

One of the best ways to give your brain a workout is to play Hexjong Cats unblocked – another awesome Mahjong game free for all. When fun cats meet hex tiles, you will have Hexjong Cats game and brings you great challenges to conquer. Like other Mahjong games online, in this title, your mission is also to find and match two mahjong tiles of the same type then eliminate them from the board before running out of time. These two mahjong tiles must be at two sides without being covered by other adjacent tiles around them, otherwise, you cannot match them. Hunt for the free tiles, make sure they have at least three contiguous sides. Time will tick as soon as you start a level, which means you have to be quick to wipe out all the tiles so you can finish the level then process to the next one. Will you complete all levels? Much fun with Hexjong Cats game!

How To Play Hexjong Cats

Use the mouse to interact and find the identical mahjong tiles in the game.

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