About Golden Autumn Mahjong

If you have a list of your favorite Mahjong games, you may want to add Golden Autumn Mahjong to that list. This is also the Mahjong game that brings you a great gaming experience, so don’t skip it. Golden Autumn Mahjong unblocked also features beautiful graphics, even though its gameplay is still the same as other games you may have played before. Your skills will be tested through challenges! The main mission here is to slide a mahjong tile right next to another tile of the same type then eliminate those two identical tiles from the board in the least amount of time. You should use your keen eye to find the mahjong tiles, and since the time is ticking as soon as you start the challenge, you must match the tiles fast. Golden Autumn Mahjong online brings you 25 levels with different difficulties. Do you think you can beat all of them and become the winner? Play it now!

How To Play Golden Autumn Mahjong

Use the mouse to match the mahjong tiles of the same type in the game.

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