About Black and White Dimensions Game

Black and White Dimensions is one of the most engaging HTML5 games free online about mahjong tiles. If you are in the search of more mahjong games to master, you may want to consider trying this game title with the full-screen mode. You will enjoy a classic game in a completely awesome way and have your puzzle-solving skills tested through a wide range of levels. Your main mission in Black and White Dimensions mahjong is to eliminate all the tiles by matching the back and white tiles in the unique 3D structure. You have to search for the stones that have at least 2 free adjacent sides so you can carry out your move. For a better look at the feasible moves, feel free to rotate your view. In each puzzle, you should do your best to complete it in the least amount of time possible for a high score. Once you have done one, you can proceed to more puzzles that can be even tougher. Think you can solve all the puzzles and prove your skills? Play Mahjong Black and White Dimensions full screen now!

How To Play

Match the mahjong tiles and wipe them out of the board using the mouse only.

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