About Animals Connect 3

Animals Connect 3 unblocked is a free Puzzle game from the Mahjong games series. A fan of Mahjong games should not miss a chance to try Animals Connect 3 which is the third installment in Animals Connect series. This one brings you new challenges, more levels, and better features to explore. Plus, this is also a chance for you to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills. So feel free to play it now!

Animals Connect 3 gameplay is so easy to understand. It is not bad a Mahjong game either. All you have to do is to match two animals of the same type and then eliminate them from the playing board to earn scores. Similar to other common Mahjong titles, matching animals must follow specific rules, such as the animal tiles must not be obstructed by other tiles around you. They must have at least one free space so the connection can be done. Also, the connecting line will not have more than two 90 degree angles. So, you have to pay attention to those rules and try your best to find suitable tiles quickly. If you make a chain of combinations, you will earn extra bonus points for yourself, which makes you the better player. Animals Connect 3 online has awesome levels to go through. Your objective is to conquer all of them. Play and have fun with it!

How To Play Animals Connect 3

Use the mouse to match 2 of the same animals then eliminate them in the game.

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