About Animal Mahjong

Play Animal Mahjong online and dive into a unique Mahjong game for free! It is a fun adventure located in a strange land inhabited by cute creatures. You can delve deeper into their world if you unlock levels. In order to progress and explore more areas, you should start with the first stage. The scene will pop up along with numerous tiles. You need to remove all of them as soon as possible. When everything doesn’t exist on the gameboard, you will win and you can head to the next destination. So as to make objects in Animal Mahjong unblocked disappear, you’d better search for pairs of the same blocks available. Actually, they cannot be eliminated if they are not active. Additionally, you are recommended to fulfill your quest quickly because the time will be drained gradually. It will affect the score that you achieve at the end. Try to earn a bonus! If you click on the hint button, your point will be reduced. Good luck!

How To Play Animal Mahjong

Use the mouse button to remove pairs of the identical tiles

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